Our combination of sophisticated technology, skilled hand-craftsmanship, and decades of fitting experience ensures optimal results with your patients.

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Welcome to our web site.

Knight Laboratory is a manufacturer of gas permeable (GP) contact lenses.  We produce GP lenses exclusively.  Our only interest is assisting the eye care professions in fitting those patients who would be best served with the GP modality.

From regular design to those for irregular corneas and presbyopia, we can create lenses for your patients expertly and efficiently.  GP lenses offer clear, superior vision, relative ease of care, versatility, durability, safety, and profitability.  GP lenses may be the best option for patients and we strive to produce the best quality GP lenses.

The following information is to introduce you to our firm and to hopefully interest you in trying us for your next difficult or regular GP fitting.

Specialty Fittings

Some of the principal uses of GP contact lenses are correcting the vision of patients with special conditions.  Knight Laboratory specializes in designing GP lenses for challenging corrections.  Some sample conditions follow below.

Irregular Corneas

Gas permeable contact lenses are excellent solutions for correcting the vision of patients with irregular corneas.  These cases can be challenging fits, but can come with significant rewards.



Depending on the case, and your patients’ expectations, different lens designs offer different results.

Back surface aspheric multifocal lenses are less difficult to fit, offer comfort, are gaze-independent providing good intermediate and distance vision, and are the best choice for emerging presbyopes (< +2.00 add).

Translating bifocal contact lenses offer good, clear near and distance vision.

A target design allows base curve alignment to corneal curvature with front surface power curves for central distance and peripheral near vision.



Toric lens designs can often avoid the problems of using spherical lenses on corneas with excessive astigmatism, such as discomfort, lens flexing, not centering well, excessive movement, decreased visual acuity, and physiology.

Toric designs have their best applications when corneal astigmatism is 2.25D or greater, or with oblique or against the rule astigmatism.

Knight Laboratory provides toric lenses with the finest optical quality in the market today.


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